Thanks to everyone who came down to the Grand in Ashington last nite on a cold wet saturday nite! Your support is truly appreciated. Big thanks to Mickey Oliver for a great folk/punk acoustic set, the rifftastic Supercharger who played a bunch of cracking new tunes, and of course thanks to Mr. Pikk Nicholson for putting us on. We had a great nite and welcome 2 new songs into the set. The dark moody ‘Cardiac Black’ and the bouncy ska-esque ‘Psycho Radio’ which went down great!

Cheerz y’all. Peesh.

Set List

  1. Alienation
  2. Poisonade
  3. Why am I a liar?
  4. Dead or Living in America
  5. Little OCD
  6. Schizofrantic
  7. Skeletons
  8. Jubileezer
  9. Cardiac Black
  10. Psycho Radio
  11. Mexicola.