Carl on drums

Carl on drums

Another great gig @ The Blyth & Tyne last nite 14/02/13 with our very own Valentine massacre!

Cheers to those who came along, made a noise, danced and sang along, you know who you are! Also, respect to ‘They Haven’t Rang Back Yet‘ & ‘Deltasound‘, hope to see you guys again soon.

Finally big thanks to Chris Bradley of Pulse Music Productions for putting the gig on.

Next stop Dublin Castle in Camden 19/02/13.

No sleep Til London!

Cheerz. Peesh

Set List

  1. Intergalactic
  2. Alienation
  3. Why am l a liar
  4. Poisonade
  5. Jubileezer
  6. Uneasy Street
  7. Dead or living in America
  8. Psycho Radio
  9. Little OCD
  10. Skeletons
  11. Tropical Apocalypse
  12. Mexicola