An awesome night was had by all at Bannermans Bar in Edinburgh. some of the following photos are courtesy of Mr John (@InfiniteHive on Twitter) manager of Dunt

supporting Dunt
Thursday April 24 2014
20:00 - 18+
Live Music Bar
212 Cowgate
Edinburgh, UK EH1 1NQ

Other Info
Supporting Edinburgh 4 piece Punk Rock band DUNT
"'Dunt' are a 4 piece punk rock band based in Edinburgh, Scotland.
With influences from bands such as NOFX, Screeching Weasel, Pennywise and other similar punk bands, its not suprising that their music is fast, loud and has energy.
Dunt have been active on and off for about 10 years with a couple of changes in line up. Now, with the most recent line up and no plans to slow down or change, they have produced 2 studio EP's and currently gigging in and around the city of Edinburgh."

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