It’s been a busy time in the land of LoGOz this last week. A visit to the studio by the lads in the band to record another 3 tracks and then there’s little me, promoting the hell out of these guys, cos I believe in them! To date this is where you will find a little bit of LoGOz and if you’re on any of these services go over and friend them if there is that option, it makes them feel all warm and fuzzy inside, honest.

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. ReverbNation
  4. MySpace
  6. Hopeful Airplay on BBC Introducing
  7. Band Directory
  8. MusicBrainz
  9. AmazingTunes/AmazingRadio – Played 20th October!
  10. SoundClick
  11. Skinny Owl
  12. Airplay on Radio Northumberland
  13. Airplay on Koast Radio
  14. Unsigned Band Review
  15. Soundcloud

Some of these pages look a bit bare at the moment but that will change once I get going! If you know of anything I’ve missed let me know and I’ll fix that 😉