Radio Northumberland

We are lucky here in the North East to have some good local radio stations, Radio Northumberland (@RNorthumberland on Twitter), a local online radio station, being one of them. We are also lucky that on Radio Northumberland there is a guy who loves his Punk & New Wave music, old or new. Keith Newman (@HighlightsPR on Twitter) is his name and his show is “New Wave with Newman”, Mondays at 10pm. Here Keith plays classic punk and new wave tunes and also throws in some new tunes and also tunes from local bands, the likes of The Blisters, Underline Hero, Champagne Charlies and ourselves, LoGOz, among others.

Keith has also interviewed some “old school” punk heroes and had them on the show, Pauline Murray from Penetration, Tony Van Frater of the Cockney Rejects, Max Splodge from Splodgenessabounds and Decca Wade from The Angelic Upstarts to name a few.

Keith will be playing our new single Jubileezer on next Monday’s show, 24th September. Support like this is invaluable to local bands to get their sound out to the masses and it is really appreciated by the lads in the band. So as we get support from Keith we’d like to hopefully send some support his way by getting some of you lovely people interested in his show. If you like your old school punk/new wave or if you’re insterested in finding out about some new bands on the scene then check it out, Radio Northumberland, Monday nights at 10pm, New Wave with Newman!

And if you follow @RNorthumberland on Twitter then you can chat with Keith during his show and discuss the music that he plays and request some of your own favourites.

So go ahead, mark it in your diary and don’t forget about it!