Well its been an interesting year boys & girls! 2013 didnt get off to the best of starts, with illness and injury we limped into the New Year. But our spirits werent to be dampened! Oh no!

We quickly got back on track through the first part of the year by smashing it up at gig venues up and down the country! Our adventures took us from Newcastle to London, Middlesbrough, Edinburgh, Blackpool and back again! Amidst the busy gigging schedule throughout the year the band managed to record and independently release our first album PSYCHO RADIO. With the help of local radio interviews and performances and a strong online community we were able to promote this and deliver it for your listening pleasure!

We now look forward to 2014 with a new wave of excitement. With gigs already booked in Newcastle, Leeds, Sheffield and Berwick. We’re hitting new towns and cities ready to make new friends and melt more faces!

We also have our brand new single HELLO LONELY ready to release in early 2014. Its sure gonna be a busy year!!!

LoGOz would like to thank in no particular order.. Phil Rose for his hard work. Keith Newman and everyone at Radio Northumberland. Nick Newcombe & Ken Thomson and everyone at Koast Radio. Ally Lee at Mill Studios. Bran at Bubbles. Paul at Star Shots. Clemmy Scotswood pics. Kev Mcbride. Mark Evans. Phil Hughes at lnsangel.

Also a big up to all the great bands we’ve played with this year including Sorry For Nothing, The Blitz, Underline Hero, Supercharger, Death to lndie, The Half Cuts & The Vibrators among many many others.

Last but not least LoGOz would like to thank our friends families and fans for your support during 2013.
Heres to you..and us for 2014.

Happy New Year
All the Best
Peesh. Paul. Carlos.